Is “I Don’t Want to” an Excuse?

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As a people pleaser, you may be familiar with committing yourself to a situation or an event that you don’t necessarily want to go to.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing whether or not the phrase “I don’t want to” is a valid excuse when you’re faced with something you may not be enthusiastic about.

Join me as I give some actionable mindfulness tips so you can break down your people pleasing and perfectionistic patterns and do things on your terms instead of trying to please others.

Also Discussed in this Episode:

  • Where your idea of having to do things you don’t want to came from [2:32]
  • Breaking down your perfectionistic patterns [4:49]
  • What is the U-turn? [6:42]
  • Why it can be hard to go with your truth as a people pleaser [11:23]
  • Living out what’s possible not just speaking about it [17:27]


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