I’m gonna give you

a piece of my mind!

Someone gave me a microphone and…
the result is a podcast.

(we need another one of these right?)

How not to be so hard on yourself

In this episode we discuss the 3 highlights of how perfectionists see the world. These are the main components that keep our perfectionistic thinking revved up and ready to get that insane to-do list DONE! We also get into the frustrating qualities that keep us lost in the constant hum of perfectionism. Doesn’t that sound…

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How to Listen to Yourself (and figure out what YOU want!)

People pleasers are really good at giving other people what they need. And not so great at knowing what they need to feel happy and healthy in their relationships.   If you want to say “no” and set boundaries confidently you gotta know where your lines. If you don’t know yourself then your lines are…

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