I’m gonna give you

a piece of my mind!

Someone gave me a microphone and…
the result is a podcast.

(we need another one of these right?)

Creating a Life by Design with Carly Pepin

Have you ever wished you could overcome your limiting beliefs and live a life of design?   Today, I have Human Behavior Specialist Carly Pepin, joining me to talk about how people pleasers can work through conflict and live a life of design that they’re meant for.    Having devoted her life to mastering the…

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A Little Bit Selfish

Are you a people pleaser who has a fear of being seen as selfish?    Today, I’m talking about the topic of selfishness, why so many people pleasers feel shame around the term and how you can remove the shame and set healthy boundaries for yourself.    Join me in this episode to learn how…

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Your Predictable Pleasing Process

Do you ever find yourself saying ‘yes’ to situations you don’t want to be in? Or maybe you find yourself saying “what have I gotten myself into?”    Today, I’m breaking down the process of the predictable patterns of people pleasers. I’m deep diving into what happens in the mind of a people pleasers when…

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