I’m gonna give you

a piece of my mind!

Someone gave me a microphone and…
the result is a podcast.

(we need another one of these right?)

How Relationships Work

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Or how your early relationships may have influenced you to become a perfectionist and a pleaser?    In this week’s episode, I’m sharing some foundational elements of relationship building that may shine a light on why you’re a perfectionist today.  I’m also sharing the…

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Fitting in vs. Belonging

Have you ever felt like you really belonged?    In this week’s episode, I’m diving into the difference between belonging and fitting in and exploring why as a people pleaser or perfectionist you may feel like you are fitting in but what you really want is to belong.    Join me to hear how you…

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The Feeling of Self Trust

People pleasers and perfectionists don’t trust themselves.    Today, I’m sharing some of what causes your self-trust issues and why trying to earn approval and acceptance from others isn’t really getting you what you want in the long run.    Join me in this episode as I share my list of what self-trust looks like…

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