IFS for Therapists

IFS for your parts

My Background with IFS

Level 1 2012 – Two week *residential intensive – one week led by Dick Schwartz
Level 2 2014 – Two week *residential intensive – one week led by Dick Schwartz
IFS Supervision group with Dick Schwartz – 2013 – 1 year participation 
IFS Peer Supervision monthly group with Atlanta practitioners – 2015 to 2021
Program Assistant Level 1 – 2015 to 2016 (Chris Burris Lead Trainer)
Client of IFS therapy with Lead Trainer – 2015 to 2021 
Client of IFS therapy – 2021 continuing
~Psychedelic Assisted work using IFS – Training in 2024~ 

*Residential Intensive was how the IFS Institute used to do Level 1 and 2 trainings. It included staying at an onsite location for 7 days (2 different sites and times – 14 days total) with a group of 20 therapist participants and immersing yourself in the model. 

vicki smith

Other Takeaways

Working with a Lead Trainer for my own therapy allowed me to not only dive deeply into my system, but also take notes on how to work with clients. 

Being a Program Assistant with Chris Burris for Level 1 gave me another view of the model and allowed me to refresh and deepen my understanding of IFS. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could get into a training!

Being a member of the Atlanta Peer Group for years allowed me to do case consultation with an IFS lens, hear how other practitioners used the model and keep my skills fresh with dyad work. 

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