Making Decisions

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Decision making can be tough for people pleasers and directly relates to our need to be perfect. As people pleasers, we want to make everyone happy so being faced with a final decision can be daunting. 


If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation, In today’s episode I’m giving you some easy, actionable tips so you can let go of your perfectionism and make decisions easier.  Join me to learn how you can really listen to your inner self and make easy decisions that please you. 

Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • Why you need to break down your people pleasing and perfectionism patterns [1:15] 
  • Why perfectionism makes decision making hard [2:00]
  • The word “final” and why it helps with decision making [4:03]
  • Listening to your inner barometer when it comes to decisions [18:11]
  • How to stop living on autopilot [22:06]



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