About Vicki

I know you want to feel confident being yourself.

Kinda like I feel in the picture above.

It’s not perfect but it’s me just hanging out with my husband on a Saturday, hair a little messy, wearing my favorite ringer t-shirt and just being my normal Vicki self.

Are you digging it? Because I am.

This is what I want for you.

You feeling relaxed around people.

You dropping the worry of being liked and doing it RIGHT.

You loving who you are enough to show up as your authentic self.

Making changes from the inside out

My secret sauce has two, well, three main ingredients –


Internal Family Systems

Nervous System regulation (a fancy way of saying “techniques to calm the f*ck down”)

I love these because they bust up the stuck places where we are on autopilot.

But they do it in a way that teaches us how to work with ourselves instead of fight and criticize our way into change.

That never works, but these approaches do!

My clients continually say,

“I have never thought about it like that before!”

Who doesn’t want to change their perspective, step outside of their ingrained habits and feel freaking calm inside?!!

*If you aren’t familiar with IFS check it out here.

Other info in case you’re interested!


  • State University of West Georgia (1999)
  • Masters of Education, Community Counseling speciality
  • Internship and first job – Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences (90 residential treatment program for addiction)
  • Completed clinical hours and 2nd job – Summit Ridge Behavioral Hospital in Outpatient Group Therapy Program
  • Psychotherapy Private Practice – 2003-Present

Specialized Training