Creating a Life by Design with Carly Pepin

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Have you ever wished you could overcome your limiting beliefs and live a life of design?


Today, I have Human Behavior Specialist Carly Pepin, joining me to talk about how people pleasers can work through conflict and live a life of design that they’re meant for. 


Having devoted her life to mastering the intricacies of human behavior, Carly empowers others to do the same. Through her expertise, she guides individuals in looking beyond the surface and delving into the core essence of their being. By uncovering and addressing the deeper issues that hinder personal growth, Carly enables her clients to design their lives with purpose rather than succumbing to a life dictated by duty.


Join Carly and I in this episode to learn how you can get clear on what works for you and how you can embrace your selfishness. 


Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • Creating a life of design instead of duty [3:40]
  • Embracing conflict [8:16]
  • Staying authentic [16:40]
  • Getting clear on what works for your life [20:50]
  • Giving yourself permission to do what you love [34:00]

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