Easing your Relationship Anxiety with Kariah Phillips

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Do you struggle with your relationships as a people pleaser? Maybe you’re constantly seeking reassurance from your partner. 


Today, Kariah Phillips joins me to talk about how you can ease your relationships in your relationships. Kariah Phillips is a Clinical Social Worker in the South Sound Region of Washington State.  She is a graduate of the School of Social Work at Columbia University and has worked as a therapist since 2007. Kariah’s work focuses on improving relationships by helping individuals manage anxiety.  She currently teaches virtual classes about relationship skills and has monthly relationship classes to teach the skills that are taught in therapy. 


Join me and Kariah in this episode to learn how to manage your relationship anxiety and create healthy boundaries.   


Also Discussed in this Episode: 


  • How seeking reassurance creates the opposite of building self worth [8:04]
  • Using your voice to make sure the relationship stays intact [15:01]
  • The importance of boundaries in relationships [31:58]



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